💡What we do

The Sport Fan Token project was created to bring blockchain to sports. This means that you can fully enjoy the World Cup 2022 or any sports games with the most excitement ever if you hold $SFT or predict the match with $SFT & NFT Tickets. Be ready, and come to the World Cup 2022 in Qatar this November with us. Let's Go!!!

Sport Fan Token is built on Web3 utilities, and "Predict to Earn" is a prediction game-based that lets players win rewards based on their predictions of sports games from all over the world, including the upcoming World Cup 2022 in November and other sport tournaments. How much passive income you get depends on how many match you predict and how many $SFT you have, and you can make more rewards by joining our special event!!!

By continually burning tokens, Inflation will be controlled. There is also a reward $BUSD /NFT to encourage each participant.

We decided to make this idea a reality to help people who are addicted to sports and love sports. We did this because we know that gambling addiction is the uncontrollable urge to keep gambling no matter what it does to a person's life. Our main goal is to keep people from losing money at any service providers and to keep them excited and having fun while doing the same thing.

It's great to watch your favorite matches, get rewards and see the chart of $SFT go up!!!

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