Champions Predictions

The Champions Predictions are the game with the largest prize in the Sport Fan Token system, with tournament prizes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The 2022 World Cup, the world's largest tournament held every four years, will be the first championship prediction game. To participate in the prediction, you have to own the NFT of the team you support; the more NFTs you own, the more prizes you will receive. NFT is also used to earn various prizes in Sport Fan Token's system, such as gamefi, staking, and more.

How To Join World Cup Champions Prediction

Step 1: Go to Marketplace/Shop:

Step 2: There are 32 NFTs corresponding to 32 teams participating in the World Cup 2022 in Shop. Select your favourite team and quality.

Price of NFT (Buy early for a good price)

Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5






Step 3: Click "Buy" button. By owning NFT, you have successfully participated in predicting the champion of the tournament.

Step 4: Check your NFT in the inventory.

  • By owning NFT, you have successfully participated in predicting the champion of the tournament.

  • Wallets with NFTs of the winning team will receive a large amount of prizes from REWARD POOL.

  • The more NFTs you own, the bigger the main prediction reward you get from REWARD POOL.

Huge Value Reward For Winners (REWARD POOL)

NFT Price: 1000 SFT/NFT (~ 40$ at IDO price) (The price of NFT will increase after each round of the World Cup; buy early to get the best deal)

The revenue from the sale of NFTs will be divided as follows:

  • 3%: Marketing

  • 67%: To the REWARD POOL for Winners

  • 30%: Convert to BNB and send to REWARD POOL for Winners

*The winners will get an equal share of SFT and BNB from the reward pool

1% Buy Tax and 2% Buy Tax will be sent to REWARD POOL

*Let's do a simple calculation about REWARD POOL

  • Number of NFTs expected to be sold: 5,000

  • Revenue from the sale of NFT: 5,000,000 $SFT (~200,000$ at IDO Price) => REWARD POOL: 3,350,000 $SFT (~134,000$) & 1,500,000 $SFT (~60,000) convert to BNB

  • Total Trading Volume at the end of the World Cup: 40,000,000$ (1-2 millions per day) => REWARD POOL: ~600,000$

=> TOTAL REWARD POOL = 134,000 + 60,000 + 600,000 = ~794,000$

If there are 200 NFTs of the winning team then each NFT will get 794,000$/200 = ~3970$

If you own 3 winning NFTs, you will receive: ~12,000$. That's a BIG number!!!

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