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Fan Token: Discover What Fans Are Made Of

Engage and support your favourite team with Fan Token Launchpad

What is the Fan Token Launchpad?

Fan Token Launchpad is the exclusive token launch platform of sports teams, aiming to support the crypto ecosystem for by providing first access to quality projects to all users.

Discover your favorite teams on our site and learn more about Sport Fan Tokens to have a truly unique and exciting time interacting with many other fans.

How does the Fan Token Launchpad work?

When a new team or brand becomes a featured Fan Token Partner on the Fan Token Launchpad, their tokens are listed on the Launchpad, making them available to all of our users who are interested in participating in that team's token offering. The Launchpad allows $SFT holders to contribute a Fan Token sale with an amount of SFT/BNB/BUSD.

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